Our goal at CapitalPHX is to build long-standing relationships with real estate investors in the Phoenix Metro area. We understand you have several options for funding. CapitalPHX is looking to earn your business by offering up competitive rates, flexible terms, an efficient application process and a high level of customer service.

While our loan approval process is asset driven, we also like to get to know you and your overall goals. This approach requires a more holistic documentation process than some may be accustomed to with other lenders. This additional information allows us to inform our funding partners with a complete story; allowing us the opportunity to provide you with better rates and terms.

With all aspects our business we take a quality over quantity approach. Working with us, you will see the difference.

Buy & Hold - Close A Property Quickly


Have you identified an investment opportunity to buy and hold, and need to close quickly? We are willing to fund these deals with one month guaranteed interest, giving you time to get traditional financing.

Fix & Flip in Phoenix


Metro PHX has some great opportunities to fix and flip. We understand what it takes to get these homes ready to bring to the traditional market and can be flexible with the time that you need in order to acquire, improve and market your flip for resell.


Have a need for some quick cash; we can help by lending against an investment property that you currently own. All we require is one month of guaranteed interest to help you get access to capital quickly.