Andy Griffin of The CapitalPHX

Thank you for taking a few moments to allow me to introduce capitalPHX, LLC to you. My name is Andy Griffin and I am the founder of CapitalPHX. I currently operate one of the largest residential investment groups in the Valley, The District PHX, LLC. Within the first two years of business, The District PHX bought and sold over 250 homes. This has given me a unique perspective of what it takes to be a successful real estate investor. I now am able to fund hundreds of deals a year that I am selling to other real estate investors here in PHX through our wholesale site

This experience has opened my eyes to the inefficiencies that many local private money lenders have when it comes to properly underwriting and servicing notes. As an active investor in this market, I am confident that our due diligence coupled with our superior market knowledge will provide you with the very best lending process. We have built an efficient model for borrowers and investors with a strong emphasis on structure, systems, and processes. My goal with capitalPHX, LLC is to provide savvy investors an opportunity to invest their money in assets that have been assessed properly for risk.

We do this by digging deeper into the borrowers to help ensure the risk is further minimized by lending only to those with good track records and quality assets. I have built my reputation on this business by putting relationships first. I treat any investment that I am trusted with as if it was my own money and will always work to protect our relationship. If you are interested in working with capitalPHX, LLC, please take a moment to click the link below. I will reach out to you immediately.

Andy Griffin - Founder Signature
Joint Venture Capital


With our joint venture funding option, we offer an opportunity to invest in one specific asset, secured by a first deed of trust. Typical turn around time on these investments are anywhere from 3 to 6 months, with at least one month of guaranteed interest.

Opportunity Funding by CapitalPHX


Choosing to invest in our fund allows for investors to allocate monies that will be used over a larger pool of assets. This is a much more passive way to invest than our Joint Venture option and once funds are applied toward a loan we continue to allocate these funds meaning your money continues to work for you, even if one asset is paid in full.

Use Your 401K & IRA to Invest


You have worked hard and saved enough money to invest in real estate. Maybe the stock market has not lived up to the hype and it is time to explore other options. Call us to learn how to self direct your retirement vehicles into real estate investing.