Join Our Team

At Capital PHX, we make real estate lending for private investors real easy. 

That means we do things a little differently. We’re looking for team members who are aligned with our values (+ our vibe) and love making profits while supporting projects, businesses, and investors that improve the community.

What do we really do? In a nutshell, we help private investors who are buying, improving, or flipping homes in the Phoenix Metro area. Our efficient, effective, and flexible process lets investors get back to doing what they do best: revitalizing properties. 

Here at Capital PHX our core values are simple. We are Driven, Creative, Trustworthy, Authentic, Community Focused, and Exceptional. Together we form a group of talented individuals who are highly dedicated, not only to our jobs but to the people who are out there improving our community.

Some of our roles require traditional real estate lending experience or credentials, some don’t. Every one of our roles requires you to check traditional lending red tape, gimmicks, & B.S. at the door. We put people first.


Bottom line:
Fit comes first at The Capital PHX.

Our Current Openings